About LEGO Technic

Technical Lego was introduced in 1977 as part of the LEGO product group System and has been called LEGO Technic since 1984. As the name implies, these products are focused on technology. It is for children from 6 years and offers plenty of challenges during construction. These sets are a bit more difficult to assemble than the regular LEGO.

In the past, it was intended to be functional and not so much focused on appearance. Today this is no longer the case. Just look at the Porsche 911 RSR, Lamborghini Sian or Bugatti Chiron. That all looks beautiful!

The cars will look great in your closet, but if you want to play with your Technic there is also a fantastic crane, truck, excavator or motorcycle for sale. Many models also have a Powered UP function that brings your vehicle to life.

LEGO Technic offer

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