Experience exciting adventures in the city with LEGO City

‘Oh no! The hamburger restaurant is on fire. Fast! Call the fire brigade! ‘ Kids can let their imaginations run wild as they play with the exciting LEGO City building sets. Adventures in the city, on the water or in the air, with these LEGO sets it is all possible.

As a fire brigade, are they saving the citizens of the city today? Or do they fly to unknown cities as pilots? Adventures can even be experienced on the seabed. What exciting discoveries will they make today?

Build your own city

The sets of LEGO City mainly consist of imposing buildings and iconic vehicles. From a street sweeper to a freight train and from a space station to a garage are available. Children are challenged to act out situations, but above all to make up their own stories. These can be realistic situations, but fantasy stories are of course just as fun, or maybe even more fun, to play.

Children can meet the heroes of the city with these sets. The fire brigade and police are frequent at LEGO City. But trains and space vehicles are also well represented. Sets are available for different ages, so that a toddler of 4, as well as a teenager of 12, will still enjoy playing with LEGO City.

Can be expanded further and further

The nice thing about LEGO in general, but also about LEGO City, is that the sets fit together perfectly. In this way, children can continue to expand their city, and with it their stories. If they start with just a fire station, they’ll probably want the police car or the missile next time too. Their stories become more and more exciting and they experience new adventures time and again.